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Relaxation Massage with Essential Oils

A deeply nurturing full body aromatherapy massage that allows you to fully unwind and rest. During the colder weather we use soothing heated massage oil. Releasing tension from the body and mind massage brings a wide range of health benefits helping to bring you back to the present moment where true healing can be found . Let our qualified and and skilled and attentive to your needs.

60 min - $105 / 90 min - $150

Deep Tissue Massage

Focuses and targets any area of tension or pain using trigger points and gentle stretching to help release and bring relief.

60 min - $115 / 90 min - $160 (check availability when booking)

Pregnancy Massage

We really love to nurture and take care of mothers and their babies.The benefits of massage during pregnancy apply equally to mother and child. Our staff are trained to ensure your comfort and safety. We use the Belly Pillow range of pregnancy massage supports, which cradels your belly and allows you to lay on your front allowing your spine to fully relax.

60 min - $105 / 90 min - $150


Our facials are designed to nourish and balance your skin. We use the Sanctum range which is certified organic and use other locally produced and handmade products. We cleanse, exfoliate, tone, mask and moisturise while also including a face, scalp, neck and foot massage.

60 min - $110

Himalayan salt cleanse

Himalayan Salt Cleanse - A combination of Himalayan salt and oils that exfoliate and stimulates circulation. Your skin will feel wonderfully soft, refreshed and renewed. Himalayan salt also contains many trace minerals that can be transdermally absorbed. A wonderfully revitalising treatment that cleanses and renews your whole energy field.

60 min - $110

Foot Treat

A reflexology style foot massage that is dedicated entirely to the feet and lower legs, yet endues a deep sense of whole body relaxation and awareness. A warming, invigorating and refreshing treatment for tired busy feet. It includes a magnesium mineral foot soak, a salt cleanse and nourishing foot balm.

60 min - $110