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Naturopath ~ Pharmacist Medication Asessment ~ Herbs ~ Nutrition ~ Lifestyle

"For some time I realized my health issues were gradually 'going downhill' as my medications were continually being increased, together with my age, weight and other side effects.

Old habits are hard to break as other priorities consume your time.

No more excuses something had to change!

I made an appointment with Marc De Vecchi, doubly qualified as a Pharmacist and Naturopth. Marc addressed my weight issue with great encouragement and understanding, and after consulting with my GP, suggested a low carb diet and restricted calories for eight weeks, plus more exercise.

The first week was the most challenging- beginning to methodically weigh and measure all food and drastically discard old eating habits, but the results were incredibly instant and rewarding.

Marc's knowledge of prescribed medications was an added bonus as he eliminated several, as my high blood pressure and high sugar levels lowered (I am a type 2 diabetic). I had complete confidence in his decisions.

Not only have I lost 12% of my body weight, but gained a 'new lease' on life both physically and psychologically and have been motivated to carry out several projects which had been put 'on the back burner' for a long time.

My interest in trying out new recipes has been reinvigorated, and strangely my lack of taste, which has been missing for years, has improved slightly.

The entire program has been educational, encouraging, rewarding and most of all my health has improved.

Thank you Marc" - Marg Howie, Castlemaine.

Now Consulting in Castlemaine, 195 Barker St (above the Amcal Pharmacy). Contact us or call Amcal 54721019 or 0423521561 to make a booking.

Marc DeVecchi is a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist and Pharmacist with over 25 years of clinical experience. He will address your specific health conditions, with evidence based herbal therapies, full nutritional asessment and lifestyle evaluation.

Marc specialises in reviewing your present medications and supplements for appropiateness and optimal health.

Marc loves to help clients clients to loose stubbon weight and keep it off.

He's also a bit off an expert on topics like intermitant fasting, living longer and other nerdy stuff like stimulating your surtuins, repairing your telomeres and detoxing your life. Marc also fully practices what he preaches. (well most of the time!)

45 minutes - $75 ~ 60 minutes - $95

Concession rates apply to pensioners & health care card holders ~ 45 minutes - $70 ~ 60 minutes - $90